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Do you need a VPN? We get asked that, all the time.

Even if you don't think your internet activities are being tracked, they are.

Your internet service provider can see everything you do online. While there probably isn't a guy at Spectrum, Frontier or Charter sitting in a dark basement watching your every move, many internet service providers do compile anonymous browsing logs and sometimes will sell them to advertising agencies and other data mining organization. With that data, advertisers can tailor their advertising content directly to certain regions or browsing habits.

This is one of the biggest reasons technical and non-technical people online are considering a secure, virtual private network, or VPN, which can keep your internet activities private. VPN's are growing more popular by the day and with good reason. Last March, the US Senate voted to permit internet service providers to sell customers' browsing and internet history without their knowledge or approval. Then in November, the Republican-led FCC scrapped Obama-era net neutrality regulations, giving internet service providers even broader control over the data traveling over their networks.

What is a VPN?

Essentially, your secure VPN serves as an anonymous middleman that does your internet browsing for you, so internet service providers can't track the websites you're visiting. This means your internet service provider can't see what you're doing on the internet. It also means you appear to access the internet from the IP address of your VPN server (rather than your own home or work IP address), so any website monitoring your activity won't know where you're browsing from. 

Do I need a VPN?

Yes. Yes! Everyone who accesses the Internet should be running a VPN. While you may have less of a need for running one at home (although, you should!), you absolutely need to be running a VPN on your mobile or laptop device when you are connected to a guest or public networks, such as coffee shops, hotels, conference centers and restaurants/bars. 

A VPN connection is extremely easy to setup using NordVPN. NordVPN supports both PC's, Apple Mac devices as well as all mobile devices. You get up to 5 connections (5 separate devices) per NordVPN account, so it's super simple to secure all of your Internet connections at once.

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